ADULT. ready new album on Ghostly, explain the importance of spaying/neutering your pets

ADULT. ready new album on Ghostly, explain the importance of spaying/neutering your pets

It’s nice when a band doesn’t record anything for oh, say, six years, because then when they finally DO release new material, you can open a story with a short yet exciting phrase like “ADULT. is back!”

So, you guys, ADULT. is back! The Detroit-based art techno duo have a new album in the works called The Way Things Fall, due May 14 on Ghostly International, their first since 2007’s Why Bother? ADULT.’s fifth album shows off a more structured, cohesive side (oOoOh COHESIVE) to the band’s sound, with lead track “Idle (Second Thoughts)” available to preview right here:

ADULT.’s Adam Lee Miller explains the group’s long musical hiatus: “After a long world tour, we totally burnt out. We decided we wanted to do something completely different.” He then explained that he and musical partner Nicola Kuperus started their very own traveling cat circus, touring the globe to teach schoolkids the importance of spaying and neutering pets. (The grand finale was a live surgery accompanied by throbbing Detroit techno. It changed a lot of lives.) No! Just kidding! What they did was make a series of films called The Three Graces Triptych and work on visual art projects and umm… “a major commercial building renovation.”

And so it was a mere caprice of fate that brought these two to the studio once more. Originally ADULT. had gone back to the lab again to record a 12-inch of the two new songs they’d performed at a 2012 appearance at the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art. Then more music started coming, until the mighty gods of album creation joined together in unison and said, “Yea, let there be a new ADULT. album.” And the gods saw it was good. And there you have it. Cat surgery. Music gods. New ADULT. album.

The Way Things Fall tracklisting:

01. Heartbreak
02. Idle (Second Thoughts)
03. Tonight We Fall
04. New Frustration
05. Love Lies
06. At The End of It All
07. Nothing Lasts
08. A Day Like Forever
09. We Will Rest
10. Rise & Fall

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