Andrew W.K. The Wolf

[Island; 2003]

Rating: 5/5

Styles: party music, cock rock, agro, hesher
Others: AC/DC, Kiss, Napalm Death

I dare you to listen to this at home without getting off your seat and dancing or shadow boxing or doing some jump-kicks.

I dare you to listen to this in your car without driving 10mph over the speed limit, with your windows open, screaming into the wind along with rock's spastic son.

I dare you to listen to this on your iPod without scaring people with your rocking facial expressions and kicks for punctuation.

And you know what? I'm sure a lot of you are laughing at those challenges, and I'm sorry for the lot of you. Everyone talks about how "for real" the Darkness are with their campy catsuits and fey falsettos, while thinking themselves better than Andrew W.K. and his "lowest common denominator" music. What a load of horseshit. Nobody lays energy down with the purity and mania like A.W.K. does... so what if even the dopes listening to Slipknot can like him, too?

Who else could pull off songs with titles like "Victory Strikes Again," "Totally Stupid," or "I Love Music" while making you believe they buy into these optimistic platitudes? I'd say these rock zealots are few and far between, and we should appreciate the one we've been blessed with for the time being. Give him an honest try, and I'm sure you'll be kicking some ass in the name of fun, too.

1. Victory Strikes Again
2. Long Live the Party
3. Tear It Up
4. Free Jumps
5. Never Let Down
6. Your Rules
7. The Song
8. Make Sex
9. Totally Stupid
10. Really in Love
11. The End of Our Lives

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