Caribou Start Breaking My Heart/Up In Flames

[Leaf/Domino; 2006]

Styles: electronica, psychedelic, krautrock, IDM
Others: Four Tet, Can, Neu!, Boards of Canada

Dan Snaith got fucked nice and deep by the legal system. Having released 2001’s Start Breaking My Heart and 2003’s Up In Flames under the simple name Manitoba, he was up and sued one day by some aging nobody emo cunt named Handsome Dick Manitoba. Despite the fact that Fucko Dickless Manitoba never actually released anything under the name Manitoba, he somehow managed to force Snaith to change his name for the release of last year’s Milk Of Human Kindness. I suppose Caribou is just as Canadian as Manitoba, but still…

In an effort to reclaim his first recordings, and concurrently deny Dickless credit for them, Leaf/Domino has seen fit to re-release Snaith’s debuts under his new moniker. Furthermore, both records have been enhanced with bonus discs containing all the EPs and b-sides from their respective eras, effectively doubling both the length and the genuine value of each already classic LP. While perhaps originally somewhat befuddling to the virgin listener, heard in their entirety, these stellar packages highlight a somewhat logical path of mild genius from Dan’s early, heavily electronic IDM days to his psychedelic, shoegazing folktronica present. You now have no excuse for not owning both of these amazing works. A rose by any other name truly smells as sweet.

Start Breaking My Heart:

Disk 1:
1. Dundas, Ontario
2. People Eating Fruit
3. Mammals vs Reptiles
4. Brandon
5. Children Play Well Together
6. Lemon Yoghourt
7. James' Second Haircut
8. Schedules & Fares
9. Paul's Birthday
10. Happy Ending
Disk 2:

1. Victor & Carolyn
2. 218 Beverly
3. Evan Likes Driving
4. Anna & Nina
5. Dundas, Ontario (Remix)
6. Tits & Ass: The Great Canadian Weekend
7. Webers
8. If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport
9. Air Doom
10. Ach Who
Up In Flames:
Disk 1:

1. I've Lived On A Dirt Road My Whole Life
2. Skunks
3. Hendrix With KO
4. Kacknuggeted
5. Why The Long Face
6. Bijoux
7. Twins
8. Kid You'll Move Mountains
9. Crayon
10. Every Time She Turns Around It's Her Birthday
Disk 2:

1. Cherrybomb
2. Silver Splinters
3. Olé
4. Thistles & Felt
5. Seaweed
6. Cherrybomb Part II
7. Jacknuggeted (video)
8. Skunks (video)