Daphni (Dan Snaith) to release Daphni-centered Fabriclive mix, Fabriclive 93 (feat. Daphni)

Daphni (Dan Snaith) to release Daphni-centered Fabriclive mix, Fabriclive 93 (feat. Daphni)
"Now with 200,000% more DAPHNI!"

Up until this point, Daphni — the dance floor-inclined persona of Dan Snaith — hasn’t propagated a ton in the way of original music. But clearly the Canadian musician, otherwise known for his work under the Manitoba and Caribou monikers, has developed a comprehensive solution to this: instead of releasing another standard studio album of typical length (which isn’t a knock to 2012’s Jiaolong), Daphni has just announced that he’ll be helming Fabriclive 93, the next iteration in the mix series sponsored by the recently resuscitated London club. And, in contrast to most Fabriclive iterations released thus far, nearly every song on Fabriclive 93 is a Daphni track! (Hey: nobody said that tooting your own horn is inherently a bad thing — especially when each expertly crafted “toot” serves to further compel the aggressive shaking of one’s toot-maker.)

Snaith’s compositional process for this giant new megamix actually recalls how Daphni project got started in the first place. According to the man himself, diving deep into his back catalog wasn’t really an option, so he often chose to compose songs from scratch in order to establish the utmost congruity. “It was essentially a studio recording,” says Snaith, which is certainly just fine with anyone out there who’s been aching for more Daphni material.

Fabriclive 93 is set for release July 21, but you can pre-order its composite 27 tracks-worth of horn-tooteryright here. You can also catch the opening track down below, followed by the cover art and the full, satisfyingly Daphni-centric trackslisting:

Fabriclive 93 tracklisting:

01. Daphni - Face To Face
02. Daphni - Xing Tian
03. Daphni - Carry On
04. Jamire Williams - FUTURISM (Daphni Edit)
05. Daphni - Poly
06. Daphni - Ten Thousand
07. Daphni - Medellin
08. Daphni - Hey Drum
09. Luther Davis Group - You Can Be A Star (Daphni Edit)
10. Daphni - Try
11. Daphni - Vikram
12. Pheeroan Ak Laff - 3 In 1 (Daphni Edit)
13. Daphni - Listen Up
14. Daphni - Tin
15. Daphni - Moshi
16. Daphni - Strange Bird
17. Container - Dissolve (Daphni Edit)
18. Daphni - Joli Mai
19. Daphni - Nocturne
20. Daphni - So It Seems
21. Daphni - Screaming Man Baby
22. Daphni - Vs
23. Daphni - The Truth
24. Daphni - 406.42 PPM
25. Daphni - Always There
26. Daphni - Fly Away
27. Daphni - Life’s What You Make It

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