Beck soundtracks new PlayStation 3 game. Deadmau5 too. Anyone care?

Beck soundtracks new PlayStation 3 game. Deadmau5 too. Anyone care?

Welcome to the future, where our music stars must participate in as many media forums as possible in order to try and stay afloat in the sea of perceived relevancy. Yes, FACT reports that Beck, the once-great folk rapper, will be contributing three songs to the upcoming Playstation 3 release Sound Shapes. At least the game appears to be music-related.

Coming to consoles on August 7, the Pyramid Attack-developed game will feature levels where players can ‘play’ the new Beck tunes. The new tracks are titled “Cities,” “Spiral Staircase,” and “Touch People.” Based on the promotional video that shows two dudes playing the game on a PSP (never a dull moment in the 3+ minute running time), the songs will create the physical levels that players will traverse, unlocking parts of the track as they interact with various surfaces. Additionally, players can create their own levels from instruments and samples that the game provides, including samples from America’s giant mouse head-wearing sweetheart, Deadmau5.

Just like watching other people play video games, the experience is sure to leave you wanting more. Actually, it kind of looks like Angry Birds for music geeks, so maybe Beck’s on to something…

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