Alessandro Cortini announces his first album for Mute Records, Volume Massimo, shares opening track

Alessandro Cortini announces his first album for Mute Records, Volume Massimo, shares opening track

Nine Inch Nails on-and-off synthesizer maven and known Conor Oberst look-alike, Italian musician Alessandro Cortini, has just announced his signing with Mute for upcoming solo LP Volume Massimo. Out September 27, the album is preceded now by single “Amore Amaro.”

While he’s also fronted two Los Angeles-based experimental rock projects, SONOIO and Modwheelmood, Cortini’s solo oeuvre is all maximalist electronic compositions that pair up wall-of-sound dissonance with a keen melodic sensibility. “Amore Amaro” follows in such vein, offering a strikingly emotive rendering of a minimal, syncopated beat slowly subsumed by noise. The forthcoming album again strives to “maximize the boundaries of contemporary electronic music,” while somewhat surprisingly being “interspersed with guitar motifs that act as a subtle punctuation for the oneiric landscapes that shimmer before us.” Which I think what the press release meant was, “it slays.”

Volume Massimo will arrive on all of your favorite formats sans laserdisc. Pre-order it here, and listen to “Amore Amaro” below:

Volume Massimo tracklisting:

01. Amore Amaro
02. Let Go
03. Amaro Amore
04. Batticuore
05. Momenti
06. La Storia
07. Sabbia
08. Dormi

Alessandro Cortini tour dates:

08.30.19 – Berlin, Germany – Atonal
09.08.19 – Białystok, Poland – Up to Date Festival
09.14.19 – Tilburg, Netherlands – Draaimolen
09.22.19 – Tokyo, Japan – TBA
09.28.19 – Ljubljana Slovenia – Sonica
09.19.19 – London, England – Barbican
09.20.19 – Madrid, Spain – LEV Matadero
09.21.19 – Athens, Greece – St Paul’s Sessions
09.25.19 – Braga, Portugal – Semibreve
09.06.19 – Stockholm, Sweden – Slaktkyrkan
09.08.19 – Barcelona, Spain – Mira Digital Arts Festival
09.30.19 – Copenhagen, Denmark – TBA
09.06.19 – Rome, Italy – Monk
09.07.19 – Venice, Italy – Argo 16
09.11.19 – Brussels, Belgium – Bozar Electronic Series
09.11.19 – Bruges, Belgium – Concertgebouw

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