SONOIO (Nine Inch Nails’ Alessandro Cortini) announces final album Fine, shares video for “Thanks For Calling” as if that makes up for it

SONOIO (Nine Inch Nails' Alessandro Cortini) announces final album Fine, shares video for "Thanks For Calling" as if that makes up for it
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It’s Friday, which means you intrepid music fans have a fresh new batch of EPs, LPs, Master Ps, and Mr. Ps to listen to. But don’t get so lost in the now that you forget about the future — a future that I can tell you will be filled with so much love, travel, and the smooth sounds of Alessandro Cortini’s (Nine Inch Nails) final album as SONOIO…Wait, WHAT?! Final album?! And it’s called Fine and it’s out through Dais Records on July 27?! Has the future finally betrayed us?!

Well, you know what that old meme with bold, white impact font over the stock photo of a verdant meadow on a beautiful summer’s day says: “‘Tis better to have listened to SONOIO and then not listened to SONOIO than never to have listened to SONOIO at all.” And those words have never meant more than they do right now.

Where were we? Oh yeah: there’s a new video for the album track “Thanks For Calling”! It’s down below, where you can also find the tracklisting for Fine (and for the record, this is NOT fine). You can also pre-order the album at the Dais store here, where it’s available in all kinds of formats, including multiple colors of vinyl like black, green, and yell…oh shoot, the yellow is sold out! Well, you know what they say: “‘Tis better to have been aware of the yellow vinyl version of SONOIO’s record Fine and lost than to…” *voice slowly fades in the distance*

Fine tracklisting:

01. I Don’t Know
02. Left
03. Thanks for Calling
04. Pieces
05. Vitamin D
06. Bad Habit
07. Under The Sea
08. What’s Before
09. I Don’t Know (Coda)

No need to thank us, just spread it around…

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