Alessandro Cortini returns to Hospital Productions with new Risveglio LP

Alessandro Cortini returns to Hospital Productions with new Risveglio LP

“Hey, Trent, I think I’m gonna go futz with synths for a minute while you eat that falafel.” This phrase has a special meaning to me, because it’s what I say to my landlord Trent about once a week when he comes over, his mouth stuffed with deep-fried chickpeas. I bet it also has special meaning to Italian synthesizer mastermind Alessandro Cortini, since he does all that touring with Nine Inch Nails these days, and since Trent Reznor has such a well-documented affinity for the dish. I’ll bet Cortini’s sneaking off most nights to work on new compositions for the likes of his recently-completed Forse trilogy and last year’s Hospital Productions debut Sonno.

And now, friends, you can go ahead and hold the yogurt sauce and call me Trent, because Alessandro Cortini has just announced that he’ll return to Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions come July 27 with a new new double LP entitled Risveglio. Like Sonno, this new release was composed and put together while on tour. And while it shares a number of sonic touchstones with Sonno, it finds Cortini adding new gear (namely a Roland TB303 used in conjunction with the 202 he stuck to with Sonno) to his arsenal and exploring a slightly wider range of sounds. You can hear the album’s second track “La Sveglia” embedded below.

Cortini will perform pieces from both Sonno and Risveglio at the Berlin Atonal festival, which runs from August 19 through August 23.

Risveglio tracklist:

01. Stambecco
02. La Sveglia
03. Rispetto
04. Dormiveglia
05. Lotta
06. La Meta
07. La Via
08. La Guardia
09. Posso
10. Ricadere
11. La Sveglia (Drum Version)

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