Animal Collective release live LP boxset Live at 9:30

Animal Collective release live LP boxset Live at 9:30

If a member from Animal Collective takes a shit in the woods, a music news reporter may hear it and break “news” that the band is working on an album of wood shits. This time, though, the shit is real, as the fun-time boys have released a full-length live album, Live at 9:30, on Domino Records. You can order this 3xLP from Domino or the brand-new Animal Collective website and get the album from all digital platforms on September 4.

Recorded at historic Washington DC venue 9:30, the live album features a mix of extended Centipede Hz jams, reworks from Merriweather Post Pavilion, Strawberry Jam, Fall Be Kind, and Feels, as well as a cornucopia of smooth-ass transitions. This release luckily feeds the blood thirst of fans and Nightcrawler-esque music news reporters who await a new release, but in the meantime, you can catch Panda Bear finishing up his tour in support of Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper and the recently-released Crosswords EP.

Live at 9:30 tracklisting:

01. Amanita (Live)
02. Did You See the Words (Live)
03. Honeycomb (Live)
04. My Girls (Live)
05. Moonjock (Live)
06. New Town Burnout (Live)
07. I Think I Can (Live)
08. Pulleys (Live)
09. What Would I Want? Sky (Live)
10. Peacebone (Live)
11. Monkey Riches (Live)
12. Brothersport (Live)
13. The Purple Bottle (Live)

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