Animal Collective releasing Record Store Day 12-inch of Transverse Temporal Gyrus material

Animal Collective releasing Record Store Day 12-inch of Transverse Temporal Gyrus material

Aw dude no way. I thought those fruits who think they’re animals an’ shit were fukkin’ long gone dog. They had that gay as hell My Girls album (an’ look, no hate, it’s gay like bad not like dudes fukkin’.. big difference brah) and then some Winters Bone EP shit which ripped only cuz you sample mah dog Jerry Garcia once an’ you got a fukkin’ ripped song in the can, but after that it was like phew how bout some not gay shit now as a breather pitchfork?

But nope, fruits will produce juice LOL so for Record Store Day on April 21 (big ups on this shit, last year I stole a Bob Dylan 7-inch box and sold it for like half an ounce), Animal Collective are selling (LOL) a limited (to 5000) 12-inch of music used in that SUPER fruity Transverse Temporal Gyrus installation at the Guggenheim last year. Domino are droppin’ product and the news comes from P4K obvs. I’m pretty much far from stoked but maybe you are. For real though if you’re in the SF area and you pick this up at Amoeba, just show it to the dude in the thick wool hoodie outside afterward and I’ll give you like a 10% discount on doses. Here’s some other shit said:

The music on this 12” is a collage we made consisting of the original tracks, as well as live recordings made inside the Guggenheim before the doors were opened to the public. It will be the only physical format on which any of the music will be released. Coinciding with Record Store Day, we will also launch a website which will contain an audio player that recreates the computer program designed for the Guggenheim event. This will give listeners a new and unique collage each time the program is run. Danny Perez, who created the artwork for this 12”, will also create video content for the website consisting of footage from, and projections used in the original event.

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