Animal Collective start up new radio show with curated mixes from the band, Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies, and conservative talk radio stars

Animal Collective start up new radio show with curated mixes from the band, Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies, and conservative talk radio stars

AVEY TARE: …And we are back. I’m Avey Tare, proud American, and I am proud to be taking your calls this evening. We’ve got Chris on the line, Chris are you there?

CHRIS: Yes I’m here Avey thanks for having me.

AVEY TARE: And what can I do for you tonight Chris.

CHRIS: Well Avey I’m a mortgage broker in Montclare and I have a coworker in my office who let’s just say has some differing ideas when it comes to how our world functions.

AVEY TARE: Let me ask you a question Chris, does this coworker have an assortment of tie-dyed shirts in their wardrobe?

CHRIS: Haha yes I think you’re getting my meaning Avey. Graduated from the University of Virginia at the top of his class, and ever since he’s had a lot of idealized opinions on what values matter to this country.

AVEY TARE: Gotcha. Let me just remind our listeners that you’re listening to the Animal Collective show presented by Bayer and Domino Records on W-I-F-F 820 The Whiff. Can you smell it? Bayer: science for a better life. Domino: hear different. Now Chris let me ask you if you’ve visited our fan page on Facebook.

CHRIS: Well no, I’m…

AVEY TARE: Because we’ve been getting a lot of comments over the last few days, some very amusing comments on our Facebook fan page. Listener Hal in Oak Park had this to say, he said “I feel bad for Barack Obama if he ends up being re-elected. Just think of the mess he’ll be inheriting.” Very good comment, Hal. Very clever and amusing.

CHRIS: Ha yes I’ll have to get on your fan page and see what it’s all about. Now my coworker subscribes to Obama and the buzzkills in his cabinet on almost all matters so it should be no surprise, but in light of this horrendous tragedy…

AVEY TARE: That’s absolutely right Chris, these folks want this and this but refuse to believe in the car that gets them there. Now before we take a break let me remind our listeners that Bayer and Domino have teamed up with to deliver streaming sets of music starting this Sunday evening from 9 PM to 2 AM curated by our team here at The Whiff, that’s your host, Panda Bear, Geologist, and Deakin, along with guest mixes from Black Dice, Haunted Graffiti, our friends at Sublime Frequencies, and Bayer board member Marijn Dekkers. The excitement will be over after our final show on August 19, but Domino reminds us that new Animal Collective album Centipede Hz will be available for purchase only a few weeks later, followed by an extensive tour of the nation many of us continue to fight for. Chris are you still there.


AVEY TARE: We’ll be back after these words from Citigroup.

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