Animal Collective unveil new audiovisual album Tangerine Reef, remind us all that coral is an animal

Animal Collective unveil new audiovisual album Tangerine Reef, remind us all that coral is an animal

Oh yes!

Just when you thought that the Alternative Rock combo known as Animal Collective had perhaps finally arpeggiated their last “oh-oh-oh” sound, Avey Tare, Geologist, and Deakin (Panda Bear is still hanging with his homies at the Waffle House, I guess) ARE BACK, BABY!

And lest you previously thought the band’s circle of empathy for the Kingdom Animalia ended with the Mammals (or hell, even with the VERTEBRATES): they’ve just announced that their newest album will come in the form of a “visual tone poem” called Tangerine Reef, consisting of 13 audiovisual sequences-worth of “time-lapse and slow pans across surreal aquascapes of naturally fluorescent coral and cameos by alien-like reef creatures.” (In other words: no CGI or artificial enhancement, just some real-ass, naturally-psychedelic-as-fuck UNDERWATER ANIMALS!)

The album was created in collaboration with the “art-science duo” Coral Morphologic in commemoration of the 2018 International Year of the Reef and will be available on streaming audio services, CD, and 2xLP on August 17 via Domino (a limited-edition, color 2xLP will also be available).

Head here to pre-order any/all of those animalicious things, watch the album trailer down below, and check out the music video (directed by John McSwain and Coral Morphologic) for the opening track/clip “Hair Cutter” exclusively on Apple Music here. (Oh, and don’t forget that the Sung Tongs tour is still a thing that’s happening too! — new dates posted below!)

High-five, my fellow animals!

Tangerine Reef tracklisting:

01. Hair Cutter
02. Buffalo Tomato
03. Inspector Gadget
04. Buxom
05. Coral Understanding
06. Airpipe (To A New Transition)
07. Jake And Me
08. Coral By Numbers
09. Hip Sponge
10. Coral Realization
11. Lundsten Coral
12. Palythoa
13. Best Of Times (Worst Of All)

Sung Tongs tour:

07.17.18 - Atlanta, GA - Symphony Hall
07.19.18 - New York, NY - Town Hall
07.20.18 - New York, NY - Town Hall
07.21.18 - Washington DC - Lincoln Theatre
07.23.18 - Austin, TX - Paramount
07.25.18 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
07.27.18 - Chicago, IL - Vic
07.29.18 - Seattle, WA - Moore Theatre
07.30.18 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theatre
07.31.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Ace Theatre
08.01.18 - Los Angeles, CA Ace Theatre

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