Anthony Child a.k.a. Surgeon exchanges latex for hiking gloves with new LP on Editions Mego

Anthony Child a.k.a. Surgeon exchanges latex for hiking gloves with new LP on Editions Mego

Berlin’s cool and all, but most techno musicians secretly fear acknowledging the other capital of electronic music, because a trip there bears a high risk of mosquito attack, and god damn do the subsequent bites itch.

Anthony Child’s been to Maui nonetheless though, and it was during a recent trip to the almost-town of Haiku-Pauwela that he recorded Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1, a new LP set for release November 13 and a certain departure from his decidedly beat-driven work under the Surgeon moniker. Force + Form and appearances on more than a few reputable compilations have earned him a rhythmic reputation, but it was deep in the Hawaiian bush that Child presumably set his feet and captured a natural recipe for meditative states. It’s a recipe that includes live birds, miscellaneous insects, and other jungle features readily entering your aural digestive system; feel free to complement with physical insects, of course.

It’s obvious on the track below, but the album description from Editions Mego clarifies how the field recordings are supplemented by genuine mod synth instrumentation. Let’s wait and see and then listen for what’s sure to be a sublime nearly hour-and-a-half, because of or regardless.

You can pre-order the album here.

Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1 tracklisting:

01. Bypass Default Mode Network
02. Mr Naturals
03. A New Moon
04. Down in the Gulch
05. Watching And Waiting
06. Midnight Rain
07. The Chief
08. The Chief (reprise)
09. All Around And Inside
10. Eternal Note
11. The Way Home

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