Arca is co-producing Björk’s new album

Arca is co-producing Björk's new album

Big day in Arca news. We just posted his NSFW video for “Thievery,” a track off his upcoming album, Xen. And now, according to The FADER’s Cover Story on Arca (by ex-TMTer Emilie Friedlander), we find out that he’s the sole producer on Björk’s forthcoming album [UPDATE: Arca is co-producing the album with Björk].

Ghersi relocated from New York to London a little over a year ago, a move he says was motivated primarily by his desire to be closer to his boyfriend, the photographer and multimedia artist Daniel Sannwald. It was also a way of working more closely with Kanda, who, despite growing up in Canada, has been Ghersi’s best friend and closest artistic collaborator for a decade (Kanda himself moved to London seven years ago). Since they took up residence together, Ghersi has completed work as the sole producer of another very anticipated pop album: a new full-length from Björk, whose phantasmagoric, synth-pop power ballads from the early ’00s now feel eerily prescient of Ghersi’s rubbery approach to sonics.

FACT also points out that Björk went to London last week to check out a show featuring TMT favorites/lovers/PC Music staples GFOTY and Danny L. Harle. (!!!!!!)

Xen is out November 4, courtesy of Mute.

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