Arca releases &&&&& on limited 12-inch (!!!!!)

Arca releases &&&&& on limited 12-inch (!!!!!)

I think it’s safe to say now that the files were fuckin’ FLYING in 2013 and not one person on Earth could have kept up with it all, leaving all sorts of solid albums lost in the crossfire (until their reissues in 2023). And yet all Venezuelan producer/goo-squisher Arca needed to turn heads 360° was a single SoundCloud upload in July. &&&&& (TMT Review) shocked, dazzled, and melted the “reasoning skills” portion of the brain for all who listened, and in spite of its low-key existence as a free instrumental beat tape, it ended up at #9 on our Favorite 50 Albums list. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps realizing (or acknowledging) that he’s got a hot little item on his hands, Arca has just announced — and released! — a limited-to-500 single-sided 12-inch of &&&&&, with new, grosser artwork, and a pretty intense B-side etching. Originally £1,000,000 each, Arca has knocked down the price to £9 (~$15) for his 500 closest friends. Peep the page here to order, or save yourself £9 and just click the play button below like before.

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