Arca unveils details of new album Mutant, shares new video, reinvents the paradigm-shift

Arca unveils details of new album Mutant, shares new video, reinvents the paradigm-shift

AHHHH! TAKE COVER, READERS! It’s the end of MUSIC NEWS as we know it! Alejandro “Arca” Ghersi has, I think, just started his own website called to announce the GAME-CHANGING details of a new album he plans on self-releasing on November 20 via the Mute label, featuring an innovative new name-your-price-but-pay-ours business model.

Additional details are tantalizingly sketchy right now, but we DO know that the self-titled album is called Mutant. We can also be pretty sure that it follows last year’s Xen, in addition to PRECEDING whatever album comes next.

When it surprises us all on its surprise-release date of November 20, it’ll be available as a rent-to-own CD, “invisible” downloadable CD, and an “extra-visible” double-vinyl CD — all of which will feature artwork by “Arca’s friend and frequent collaborator” Jesse Kanda thrown in COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

As for the album’s content, Arca says it’s about “sensuality and impulsiveness as escape routes out of rigidity. Softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself,” but that could be a red herring! So THIS REPORTER is choosing to remain skeptical. Lastly, it seems to feature a mixture of incredibly rare, out of print, previously-released tracks (“Vanity” and “Soichiro”) and a sprinkling of one or two new songs, such as “EN,” for which there’s rumored to be a secret, private, watermarked, self-directed music video lurking around… somewhere on the internet… Good luck finding it, though. I’ve been trying all day and am almost out of free AOL hours, so I’ll have to give up soon.

Mutant tracklisting:

01. Alive
02. Mutant
03. Vanity
04. Sinner
05. Anger
06. Sever
07. Beacon
08. Snakes
09. Else
10. Umbilical
11. Hymn
12. Front Load
13. Gratitude
14. EN
15. Siren
16. Extent
17. Enveloped
18. Faggot
19. Soichiro
20. Peonies

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