Argentinian producer Moro announces HIGHLY RELEVANT new EP, Irrelevant, on Janus

Argentinian producer Moro announces HIGHLY RELEVANT new EP, Irrelevant, on Janus
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Through the darkness that permeates your Instagram stories, Twitter timelines, newspaper headlines, coffee shop chats, collegiate classrooms, shared partner intimacy, and everything else…here comes a ray of light from Janus.

Irrelevant is a new four-track release from Moro, the Argentinian producer who delivered unto us the SAN BENITO EP on NON Worldwide in 2016. Stapling together sounds from newsflashes, media stories, heavy crowds, and more inside his idiosyncratic ramba sound; Moro’s newest delivers a quartet of club-ready tracks. If ever you watched the A Clockwork Orange television torture scene and thought “wow, this would make a banging dance track,” this one’s for you.

As is just SO characteristically Janus, this dancefloor EP is chock-full of identity, anxiety, politics, paranoia, and revolt. On the new release, Moro writes:

I started the EP while in Buenos Aires, knowing that I would leave in a few months. I always feel deeply moved by the sounds and the energy of crowds in protests there. The same percussion instruments originally used for Carnival are also used for the two most passionate things in Argentina, Politics and Football. These 3 things get mixed up and influence each other. (The 1st time the Argentinian National Football team won the World Cup in 1978 was during the bloodiest military coup; the last qualifying match with Peru is still believed to have been fixed by the coup). There’s lots of scars still open and being inside a crowd, whether its marching, chanting for a team or dancing is always a deeply emotional political experience.

Irrelevant will be available on digital download and “mixfile” (whatever those are) via Janus on May 4. Until then, feast your hungry eyes (and your ears too, if you want??) on the cover art and tracklisting down below.

Irrelevant tracklisting:

01. Showtime
02. TaZzer
03. brb
04. Xxandi

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