Moro kicks off new DJ series from Buenos Aires HiedraH collective, premieres new track “PerreoH BasikaH”

Moro kicks off new DJ series from Buenos Aires HiedraH collective, premieres new track "PerreoH BasikaH"

Maybe trees are swaying gently outside your office window, or maybe you’re still lying in bed hungover before your shift started at 4 PM. But maybe, somewhere in your heart, you’re carefree on the dancefloor. You celebrate the water resistance of dancing ‘til your shirt is stuck to your back. You grind-up on a belt buckle, abandoning those daily constraints that drag you kicking out of your comfort zone into the dead ends of binaries, account statements, and listings. Forget your hours; you love this to DEATH.

And TMT? TMT loves Moro to DEATH. We know the Argentinian DJ/producer/artist/godsend from last year’s explosive SAN BENITO EP and this year’s midair edit of 0PN’s “Ezra” for the Club Chai comp (EUREKA!). What we might not know is that Moro is a resident DJ at the HiedraH Club de Baile in Buenos Aires…Or that, to complement their monthly stream of radical club mixes, HiedraH is dropping a series of edit packs by their DJ collective (with future releases from Braian, Aggromance, Desdel Barro, RetumB4, and others)…Or that Moro kicks off the series with “PerreoH BasikaH,” the first song in a two-track pack called Rey Moro.

The edit pack series embodies the collective’s manifesto:

Since HiedraH started to organize parties in Buenos Aires, we’ve been building the bases of our musical landscape, which is composed of the sounds from the suburban neighborhoods where we grew up, along with those from other latitudes of the region, all music that belongs to territories that we want to make visible. […] To make music that sounds like our streets and our problems, to make dance music so that people can challenge life by moving their body. From now on, rhythms like cumbia turra, cumbia villera, perreo, corporal, sasha and guaracha will be the musical universe of HiedraH. This path involves each of our artists, but it’s a universe that vibrates by itself.

The term perreo refers to the body rhythm fashioned after reggaeton, but Moro’s disidentification with the style replaces its often misogynistic, homophobic, or classist language with a queerly collectivizing vocabulary: the DJ drops are words his intimates use to name/call each other on WhatsApp. Midway, “PerreoH BasikaH” breaks down into the quinceañera-staple “La quiero a morir,” looped turbo-speed into a delirious headrush of final love, an inside joke to take some of the edge off. In other words: Moro!

Tongue-in-cheek, teeth-bared at the powers that be, the rhythm becomes transfigurative. It’s a dance revolution at HiedraH. And Moro sounds the call.

Look for Rey Moro May 10 via HiedraH, and check out “PerreoH BasikaH”— which TMT has the pleasure of premiering today — right down below.

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