ATP announces new festival curated by Drive Like Jehu

ATP announces new festival curated by Drive Like Jehu

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to an off-season British family resort, ATP rears its head once more as… ATP 2.0. Seriously, this is like when Jay Z quit rap for like four months. But whatever: ATP, we’re happy you’re not gone. (Remember when ATP was all “end of an era” and shit? That was scary and sad and lonely.) And following announcements of the ATP Iceland edition and events curated by Stewart Lee and Jake and Dinos Chapman, we’re even happier that Drive Like Jehu is curating your spring installment, held April 22-24 at Pontins in Prestatyn, North Wales.

This is the legendary San Diego band’s first performance in UK since 1994, which is cool because if you have a Cool Mom, you can totally go with her. Just imagine, you and your Cool Mom frolicking on some quality bonding time as she tells you about the early-90s post-hardcore scene while you collect seashells on the lovely Welsh beaches. Full lineup to come. CHILL, Mom.

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