Autechre announce L-event EP, because downtime is an outdated concept

Autechre announce L-event EP, because downtime is an outdated concept

Ugh. Fine, since nobody else seems to want to cover this totally worthwhile (no sarcasm) news, I guess I’ll do the nice thing here and take the reigns, despite the fact that coverage serves as a personal reminder of my hopelessly delayed schedule of music-listening. Autechre’s massive double album Exai saw its release earlier this year, to much critical acclaim. Elaborate beyond that, I wish I could, but I’m still trying to determine the philosophical depth of Ace of Base’s “The Sign” while wearing a flannel shirt and jean shorts. The legendary electronic duo’s prolificacy — referring to Autechre now — avoids surprise among the acquainted, and just as appreciated is their surgically-attached relationship with Warp. Twenty years on, and the bed’s still shaking on the regular.

Following up on and serving as an extension to the already lengthy Exai, Autechre have announced new EP L-event, out October 29 on…. Check out the neat packaging here. You might be able to stream the entire thing here.

Justifying my earlier lack of elaboration, an epiphany: it’s gotten to the point where Autechre don’t need journalistic elaboration. Their legend has been established, and their style of music, reliable and reliably innovative. For lack of a better analogy, they’re like your favorite obscure alcoholic beverage, for which the formula may change slightly, but never enough to prevent you from getting classily inebriated whenever the situation warrants. You know what to expect — oh yes, liquid deliciousness.

L-event tracklisting:

01. tac Lacora
02. M39 Diffain
03. Osla for n
04. newbound

• Autechre:
• Warp:

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