Benoît Pioulard announces new album Lignin Poise, premieres single “Same Time Next Year”

Benoît Pioulard announces new album Lignin Poise, premieres single "Same Time Next Year"
Photo: Nico Cox

American ambient/folk/shoegaze master Benoît Pioulard has announced Lignin Poise, a new album that will drop in September on Beacon Sound. Compared to some of his folkier, poppier releases, Lignin Poise is a hazy, slow-motion experience, featuring airy synths and bucolic, hallucinatory vibes. Up the alley for fans of Tim Hecker and Stars of the Lid, this one represents a powerful shift for the musician. But don’t take it from me — take it from Tom Meluch (Benoît Pioulard), who had this to say about it:

I recorded this album during the fall and winter of last year, and it’s thematically meant to trace a path through decay, death, and regeneration over the course of the tracks. My flat/studio is surrounded by deciduous trees (a huge deal for me especially since I live in the heart of the city), so those patterns were right in my face every day while I was recording. Lignin forms the support systems of vascular plants, so the title is intended to convey the posture and temporariness of life in full bloom.

To get a taste of what this all sounds like, listen to single “Same Time Next Year,” which TMT has the pleasure of premiering down below.

Lignin Poise is out September 8 on Beacon Sound. Pre-order the LP at the label’s website and the digital version at Pioulard’s Bandcamp.

Lignin Poise tracklisting:

01. Hawk moth mirage
02. &c.
03. Same time next year
04. Vesperal
05. On form
06. Rook
07. Lignin poise

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