Bill Orcutt announces new LP of “cracked” computer music, US history re-writes itself accordingly

Bill Orcutt announces new LP of "cracked" computer music, US history re-writes itself accordingly further description necessary, right?

ICYMI: In pretty much perfect keeping with his seemingly default mode of relentlessly wringing every last goddamn nanogram of creativity from his brain cells in the name of highly-conceptual, experimental-music-making (often leaving basically no brain juice left over for peskier, more ancillary things like “promotional strategies” and “elaborate cover art”), ex-Harry Pussy guitar-killer/noise-resurrector Bill Orcutt unassumingly announced at the tail-end of this past week that he’ll be returning to the glorious, weird shores of Computer Music-dom with a fantastical new album entitled An Account of the Crimes of Peter Thiel and His Subsequent Arrest, Trial, and Execution. (Long story super-short: Thiel is a good-looking gazillionaire and “conservative libertarian” who co-founded Paypal and became one of Facebook’s first public investors before being appointed to Team Trump late last year.)

But AAAAANYWAYS: it’s being released via his own Fake Estates label on June 8, which he brought back to life last year to release a prior album of computer music (entitled Cracked Music).

This new one’s comin’ at us as an extremely limited “12-inch edition of 100,” complete with “tip-on jackets” silkscreened by the good folks at Siwa Records; and Bill recorded it just this past April, once again using his own specially-designed “Mac app for making noise” called, you guessed it, CRACKED (check out his own personal “demo” of the app down below). Doesn’t really get more straightforward-yet-creatively-DIY than THAT, now does it?

Oh wait. Yeah. Yeah it does.

In a delicious and ingenious slice of poetic justice, you can actually pre-order the album directly from Bill VIA PAYPAL for $25.00 in the US and $45.00 in the rest of the world. Well goddamn: I guess he’s still got plenty of post-musical creative brain juice left after all!

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