Bill Orcutt & Okkyung Lee announce joint tour of stringed European destruction

Bill Orcutt & Okkyung Lee announce joint tour of stringed European destruction

Imagine the cliché scenario in which you’re still living with your parents, and either your mom or dad suddenly yells at you to “turn down that infernal racket!” The fact that you weren’t doing anything rambunctious at that point in time is probably an indication that you live in (or close to) one of the six cities in which perennially noisy musicians Bill Orcutt and Okkyung Lee are scheduled to jointly visit next month. Their abrasive adventures on guitar and cello, respectively, are well-known to anyone who reads TMT, but what warnings can we offer the townsfolk who clearly won’t know what to think when the creaks of door openings are no longer remedied by liberal oil applications? Like tinnitus after a plug-less concert, we assume Lee and Orcutt’s noisy infiltration of objects within a 30-mile radius will gradually fade.

The upcoming short tour follows semi-recent collaborative releases from both artists. Orcutt explored themes of a reggae legend with percussionist Jacob Felix Heule last year, and a couple of years before that, it’s worth mentioning Lee’s severely underrated joint release with C. Spencer Yeh and Lasse Marhaug, Wake Up Awesome. Her dissonant bows were arguably the centerpiece of an experimental pleasuredome. Let’s hope Orcutt and Lee are mutually inclined to take things stateside at some point.


09.24.16 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
09.25.16 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Koffie & Ambacht
09.26.16 - Brussels, Belgium - Les Ateliers Claus
09.27.16 - Paris, France - Instants Chavirés
09.28.16 - London, UK - Cafe Oto
09.29.16 - Glasgow, UK - Glad Cafe

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