Bing & Ruth use upcoming LP Tomorrow Was the Golden Age to inscribe “glass half-full” notions in your soul

Bing & Ruth use upcoming LP Tomorrow Was the Golden Age to inscribe "glass half-full" notions in your soul

What’s the old cliché intended to reassure after a period of misery? Ah yes, “tomorrow is a new day,” and as far as clichés go, at least this one has the virtue of being mildly accurate. Time does have the tendency to heal emotional distress, but sometimes, we humans just don’t have the patience for time’s steadiness. Sometimes we down half a bottle of Motrin to hasten the disappearance of an inherently temporary cold, and sometimes we need things like Bing & Ruth’s Tomorrow Was the Golden Age to keep us in the light of positivity… perpetually, every day, until we start barfing rainbows. Move over, Cheer Bear; composer David Moore’s aiming to uplift in a way that exceeds your totally weird abdominal powers.

As he states in reference to the conceptual underpinnings of the new album, “I wanted to take something from the darkness to the light and observe what the process would result in.” A seven-piece ensemble evolves from the previous 11 on City Lake to offer (judging by the track below) instrumental immersion in a major scale — venturing toward an ambient classification, and in that sense, personally reminding me of a somewhat more enveloping Eluvium. There’s no denying a faint sense of Eno either.

Bing & Ruth is reportedly Moore’s “principal project.” Thanks be to RVNG Intl. for bringing it to the fore on October 14!

Tomorrow Was the Golden Age tracklisting:

01. Warble
03. Just like the First Time
04. Police Police Police Police Police
05. Strange Wind
06. The Towns We Love Is Our Town
07. We Are on the Side of Angels
08. Reflector
09. Postcard from Brilliant Orange

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