Brian Kinsman from Foot Village is going to be a narwhal for Halloween, and he’s making mini-documentaries about DIY haunted houses

Brian Kinsman from Foot Village is going to be a narwhal for Halloween, and he's making mini-documentaries about DIY haunted houses

Some people love roller coasters, and others love hot air balloons. Some people love water slides, and others love above-ground pools. Brian Kinsman loves haunted houses. He plays in the noise drum circle Foot Village and grew up in Burbank, CA, where he spent every Halloween exploring mazes that neighbors would construct in their backyards. When he returned to Burbank just a few years ago, he found people building haunts just like he remembered, and some of them would even stay open for a multiple weekends. He’d visit them over and over again.

This year, Kinsman decided to make a series of mini-documentaries about the people who build haunts, and his first one follows Albert Reyes from El Sereno, CA. Reyes has had a haunt in his backyard for almost 10 years, and he transforms it so that the experience changes according to the season. I can’t tell from the trailer (see below), but maybe in December he hides a record player that plays the same line of a choral Christmas song again and again, and maybe in February he paints creepy graffiti valentines on the walls. Regardless, he’s always inspired by abandoned buildings.

The film comes out in October on Kinsman’s website, and if you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll not only be among the first to see the film, but you’ll also receive a free copy of the score, composed by S.R. Cano of tik///tik. In the meantime, check out part one of the score for free! Also, how about getting a head start on your Halloween costume? Maybe a pterodactyl?

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