Fat Worm of Error solo squelcher Bromp Treb embarks on first-ever US tour, drops three tapes at once!!

Fat Worm of Error solo squelcher Bromp Treb embarks on first-ever US tour, drops three tapes at once!!

RANK AND FILE, ninkumquats: Bromp Treb is coming to town. Yeah, you heard me! It’s Bromp Treb, betch. Bromp Treb a.k.a. Neil Young Cloaca a.k.a. Fat Worm of Error drummer par excellence is tiptoeing out of his New England hobbit hole and then full-sprinting around the East Coast/Midwest, demonstrating via “onomatopoeic flailings” a little something called American ingenuity. It’s the SPRING TICKLES TOUR, and though it started a week ago it’s really cookin’ starting tonight. Check out this trailer, NOW:

You like that? We’re just getting started, Jax. Bromp Treb’s been training for this debut tour for 13 years (hey, why not release one of the best albums of the 2000s along the way), so he’s not about to slide into these cities sans posse. But whoa: take the sunglasses off each member of that posse and you’ll find yourself staring back at THREE BRAND-NEW TAPES! The first one is 78 Red Sticks, which introduces simple objects (glass, styrofoam, cardboard, the now-famous red sticks) to simple electronics (transducers, motors, effects) and lets them shoot the breeze:

Then there’s Abuse Abandon Abort, a bunch of Bromp-beaten garbage from the last decade-plus, dumped back onto the dinner table:

Your final selection is Nonfood Bespoke Innovation, which can only be explained in this way: “tape collage ruminating product packaging evolving the nature of nature”:

All are limited to 50 cassette copies, or you can just grab the digi(mon) for $4 each. Grammy’s gums are waitin’.


03.14.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn
03.15.14 - Baltimore, MD - Red Room
03.16.14 - Philadelphia, PA - The Vat
03.17.14 - Oberlin, OH - Fairchild Chapel
03.18.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
03.19.14 - Detroit, MI - North End Studios
03.20.14 - Chicago, IL - Bijou Theater
03.23.14 - Columbus, OH - Cat Science
03.24.14 - Buffalo, NY - Dreamland

• Bromp Treb: http://bromptreb.bandcamp.com
• Yeay!: http://yeay.suchfun.net

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