Charlie Looker (Seaven Teares, Psalm Zero, ZS) begins residency at NY’s The Stone this month, premieres Twin Peaks cover song

Charlie Looker (Seaven Teares, Psalm Zero, ZS) begins residency at NY's The Stone this month, premieres Twin Peaks cover song

Airbnb is deep in a legal tug of war with New York City about where I can and cannot rest my toosh for the upcoming Charlie Looker residency at The Stone in Brooklyn. Well, that’s free-market capitalism for you. Raids, fines, jail time — hit me hard, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Carol Edmead, because I’m making my way to this six-day residency, and you can’t stop me. During his stay, Looker will perform solo, in an acoustic set with Psalm Zero, and in a whole bunch of collaborations with the likes of Mary Halvorson, Peter Evans, Mick Barr (Orthrelm), Weasel Walter, Darius Jones (Little Women), Travis Laplante (Little Women, Battle Trance), Tyondai Braxton, Mike Pride, and many more. Looker will also perform in his groups Seaven Teares (whose last album Power Ballads was released on Northern Spy) and Period (whose last record was released in 2013 by Public Eyesore).

Each night will feature two sets at $15 each, except on the 17th (Saturday), where you get a twofer of Looker and Andrew Hock (Psalm Zero) each performing solo sets, followed by premieres of new songs during the aforementioned one-off Psalm Zero acoustic set. The following day, Looker will also premiere a new, massive 45-minute, drone-based composition with a slew of musicians, including Peter Evans, Gareth Flowers, Mike Pride, and more. And if that weren’t enough, look out for the Seaven Teares & Friends set on January 16, which will also-also include premieres of a new original track called “Of the Flood” (featuring guest singer Caleb Burhans, the violinist from Alarm Will Sound) and two new covers, Swans’ “God Damn The Sun” (featuring Azar Swan’s Zohra Atash) and “Strange Young Girls” by The Mamas & The Papas.

To get you in the mood, cozy up to Seaven Teares’ stellar cover of Julee Cruise’s “The World Spins” (from a pivotal scene in season 2 of Twin Peaks) below, and do your part in the fight against bedroom tyranny by checking out Looker at his Stone residency.

Residency details:

• Charlie Looker and Darius Jones
• Charlie Looker, Tim Dahl, and Weasel Walter

• Charlie Looker and Mary Halvorson
• Charlie Looker, Mary Halvorson, Mick Barr, and Tyondai Braxton

• Charlie Looker Solo Guitar
• Charlie Looker, Andrew Hock (electric guitars) Jamie Saft (organ, electronics) Balazs Pandi (drums)

• Charlie Looker (electric guitar) Caleb Burhans (violin) Robbie Lee (portative organ, woodwinds) Travis Laplante (tenor sax)
• Seaven Teares & Friends

• Andrew Hock (electric guitar) Charlie Looker (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice)
• Psalm Zero Acoustic

• The Pleasures of a Normal Man feat. Peter Evans, Gareth Flowers (trumpets) Jacob Garchik (tenor trombone) Andrew Hock, Mario Diaz de Leon (electric guitars) Mike Pride (drum set, percussion) Josh Modney (violin) Caley Monahon-Ward (violin) Karen Waltuch (viola) Mariel Roberts (cello) Pascal Niggenkemper (contrabass) Charlie Looker (composer, synthesizer)
• Period featuring Tim Berne Charlie Looker (baritone guitar) Chuck Bettis (electronics) Mike Pride (drums) Tim Berne (alto sax)

• Charlie Looker:
• Seven Teares:
• Northern Spy:
• The Stone:

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