Ryan Power uses his…power of avant-pop songwriting for good on forthcoming double LP, shares single “Empty the Jewels”

Ryan Power uses his...power of avant-pop songwriting for good on forthcoming double LP, shares single "Empty the Jewels"
Photo: Annakalmia Traver

When it comes to songwriting there’s three ways to do things: the right way, the wrong way, and the Ryan Power Way. And no, that last one isn’t just “the wrong way but faster.” How dare you!? Get off of this web page!

Now, Ryan Power is a reasonable man, and he knows that you need a melodic foundation in order to write something that can even be considered close to something resembling a pop song. But, contrary to popular belief, Ryan Power also knows that there are literally zero rules when it comes to writing music. (Just take a listen to some of the stuff we write about on TMT, amirite???) Case in point: Power’s upcoming They Sell Doomsday, an album that delights in dragging pop about as far “out-there” as it can get away with.

A double album (and Power’s seventh album overall), They Sell Doomsday is unpredictable through and through. Grounded in melody by Power’s prominent, smooth, tender jazz guitar; it’s fifteen tracks seamlessly integrate more “weird” elements such as out-of-tune, warbly synths, dancefloor-esque drum machines, pitch-shifted vocals, and mid-song tempo changes. At times, songs can feel more like funhouse mirror reflections of pop music as we know it here in the non-disturbingly long torso-ed world. It’s truly a trick that only an artist this far into his career — and as assured in his talents to craft compelling music as Power is — could pull off.

They Sell Doomsday is out October 20 via NNA Tapes, in all of its double-LP glory, but you can pre-order the album from NNA here right now (if you hurry, the first 100 double-LP orders will come on on opaque purple and green vinyl!) But first, listen to first single “Empty the Jewels,” and check out a trailer for the album (as well as its art and full tracklisting) down below.

They Sell Doomsday tracklisting:

01. Editor in Chief
02. The Cavalry
03. They Sell Doomsday
04. In a Tizzy
05. Pilot to Moth
06. Don’t Mention it
07. Give it a Rest
08. Issues
09. Empty the Jewels
10. Yer Not Doin’ What You Should
11. Via Media
12. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely
13. Lone Wolf Cry
14. Lazy About Love
15. Wooly Minded

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