Daphni, Robert Henke, Nicola Cruz, and others confirmed to play MUTEK’s 18th Montreal Edition

Daphni, Robert Henke, Nicola Cruz, and others confirmed to play MUTEK's 18th Montreal Edition
Photo: MUTEK

Montreal’s celebrated MUTEK festival is turning Quebec’s drinking age of 18 this year. The “grown up” edition of Canada’s premier electronic music and digital arts event will span the week of August 22-27, which is a considerable change from last year’s June date. Now, the organizers have revealed the first wave of artists confirmed to make an appearance at the festival.

Daphni (a.k.a. Dan Snaith a.k.a. Caribou) and veteran computer-music whiz/Ableton Live co-creator Robert Henke are the two biggest names in the batch, but other artists well worth mentioning include Ecuador’s Nicola Cruz, Fis, Murcof, Aurora Halal, Detroit Swindle, and local stars Kara-Lis Coverdale and Marie Davidson. The full current line-up is available here, and more performers will be announced soon.

Among MUTEK 2017’s highlights, the organizers list Daphni’s all-night long, festival-opening set, their “signature program of performative audiovisual works,” A/Visions (this year spearheaded by Henke), a showcase of newcomers from all over the globe, and more. Four different passes (“to Accommodate Every Taste”) can already be purchased on MUTEK’s website, and there’s even a neat little promotional video (courtesy of Aaron Kaufman and Hugues Clément) to be streamed below, which conveniently feeds our compulsion to end all these articles with relevant video content.

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