Fis, ever-mysterious Tri Angle producer, touring Europe this month

Fis, ever-mysterious Tri Angle producer, touring Europe this month

Having released two EPs on Tri Angle Records (most recently Iterations) and one for the super-exclusive, vinyl-only Samurai Horo label, New Zealand-based artist Fis has established a raw, ethereal sound driven as much by scattershot beats as organic texture. It’s abrasive yet groovy, and very no-fucks-given in a smart way. Fis has been tipped heavily as one of those rare new artists with a real new sound. He claims to be inspired by the rhythms he finds in meditation, as well as traditional Maori music. His name is a Gaelic word for “secret knowledge,” according to a big feature on him over at Resident Advisor. He was even reluctant to get a Facebook page.

Well, with all the hype and mystique, it seems just about the right time for Fis to make an appearance or two. He’ll be touring in the month of June, peddling his elusive sound throughout Europe; have a listen to a track from his first EP, Preparations, in the meantime:


06.05.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCII
06.07.14 - Leipzig, Germany - Institut fur Zukunft
06.12.14 - London, UK - The Waiting Room
06.20.14 - London, UK - Jazz Cafe
06.21.14 - Dublin, Ireland - Tengu Bar
06.25.14 - Machester, UK - Soup Kitchen
06.26.14 - Berlin, Germany - Chesters

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