Editions Mego boss Pita announces solo album Get In

Editions Mego boss Pita announces solo album Get In

In the past, Peter Rehberg — a.k.a. Pita, a.k.a. head of the infallible Editions Mego — used his solo pseudonym to order us to Get Out, Get Down, and Get Off over the span of just five short years, but hey, we were all more than happy to comply. After all, the millennium was still a fresh concept, and The X-Files wasn’t that good anymore, so what else were we going to do? Twelve years passed, and we all slowly became less spineless, bolder. Then The X-Files decided to come back and kind of fucked us up again. Now it looks like Pita is ready to capitalize on our disillusionment. Oh yes, the days of this stalwart experimentalist bossing us around aren’t done just yet, and this time he’s taking us for a ride.

On May 14, Editions Mego will release Pita’s latest outing, Get In. Recorded from March of last year right up to this past January, here’s what Pita’s label has to say about this new work from the man himself:

Get In extends the perennial Pita sound into a paradox of intimidation and beauty. 20150609 teases the juncture between the human and the tool, the improvised and composed and the analogue and digital. Aahn inhabits a field of electronic nebula, simultaneously inviting and alien. Line Angel could be a new form of minimalism for the post internet crowd. S200729 harks to an acid most splintered whilst Mfbk completes proceedings as an ambient drift underscored with classical overtones. Get In is a beautiful, engaging and unsettling listen. A multi-headed hydra presented as the ultimate dystopian sonic journey.

There you have it. Better do what he says. Just check out this excerpt from “Mfbk.” I think he has our best interests in mind.

Get In tracklist:

01. Fvo
02. 20150609
03. Aahn
04. Line Angel
05. S200729
06. 9U2016
07. Mfbk

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