Pita (Peter Rehberg) to release new solo album Get On for Editions Mego

Pita (Peter Rehberg) to release new solo album Get On for Editions Mego

New from one of the premier experimental labels of our time: Peter Rehberg does double-duty by rubbing his belly and patting his head at the same time.

The Editions Mego head is also sponsoring a new solo release of his own making, and if you’ve been following Rehberg through his various Pita endeavors, you know that showcasing the work of other sonic maestros and maestras has typically been the primary preoccupation of the Austria-based curator. Though, his collaborations with Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, and Stephen O’Malley deserve their own independently praiseworthy mention, Pita has sporadically released albums following a “Get” theme, starting with Get Out in 1999. Mark McGuire already has an album titled Get Lost, as Rehberg warned everyone in an interview, so one of the few remaining options is…

Get On is set for release October 25. It follows Get In from 2016; and if that release is any indication, we can anticipate a handful of moments where comparatively soothing moments are interrupted by dissonant electronics and a masochistic wincing on the part of the listener. Official press on the subject sums up the album as “emotion rung from the most twisted of frames.” Fitting, then, that Russell Haswell would assume the mastering duties.

Oh, and you can of course “get on” pre-ordering the album over here.

Get On tracklisting:

01. AMFM
02. Frozen Jumper
03. Two Top Five
04. Aching Moth Pool
05. Motivation

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