Ekoplekz announces Four Track Mind, his second album this year, short European tour

Ekoplekz announces Four Track Mind, his second album this year, short European tour

Just last week, we shared our consternation over the energy level Oren Ambarchi has displayed this year, having released at least three albums so far, while concurrently participating in several tours and side projects. Not to be outdone, Nick Edwards has announced Four Track Mind, his second album under the Ekoplekz moniker this year. The LP comes as a companion piece to March’s Unfidelity, and is also Edwards’ second album on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu label. In fact, several of Four Track Mind’s songs originated during Unfidelity’s recording sessions; but whereas the latter immersed itself in early-90s electronica — murky beats and all — the new album opens up Ekoplekz’s sonic repertoire, letting more diverse moods and ideas into the songs. For instance, it combines long, gnarly pieces like “Ariel Grey” or “Return to Annex” with more melodic tracks “Meek Street” or “In Teak Effect.”

Nick Edwards is one of the main agitators of the fertile Bristol electronic music scene, and has taken part in many side projects (Ensemble Skalectrik, eMMplekz, The Nunton Complekz, Kid Rude), collaborating with several fellow young composers/DJs like Bass Clef and Baron Mordant. His many aliases notwithstanding, Ekoplekz is Edward’s main creative outlet, a prolific project active since 2010. Although it would be difficult to categorize all of Edward’s output, it’s identified by loopy industrial dub drones, adventurous rhythm-tweaking, and a very tactile approach to sonic textures.

For Four Track Mind, Edwards has planned a very low-key release, keeping publicity to a minimum and putting the LP out in a limited, vinyl-only edition. The album will be available in a double LP format, limited to 300 numbered copies and sold through Planet Mu’s own store (and a handful of specialized retailers). In Ekoplekz’s words, this one is for serious fans only. But don’t feel left out just yet. Edwards will follow the album’s release with a short tour of the European electronic music festival circuit. That’ll give you a chance to hear some of these tracks live, in case you can’t get your hands on one of the precious few copies out there. Check the dates below.

Four Track Mind is out August 18 on Planet Mu.

Four Track Mind tracklisting:

01. Ariel Grey
02. Tantrikz
03. Meek Street
04. Interstice
05. Reflekzive
06. Death Watch
07. D’Vectif
08. In Teak Effect
09. Four Track Mind
10. Return to the Annex
11. Fox Eyes

Euro tour dates:

09.12.14 - Odense, Denmark - Phono Festival
09.13.14 - Aarhus, Denmark - Aarhus Festival
09.19.14 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate
10.03.14 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Club Fuga
10.04.14 - Budapest, Hungary - UH Festival
10.24.14 - Geneva, Switzerland - Cave12

• Ekoplekz: https://www.facebook.com/ekofidelity
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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