Ekoplekz can’t stop bringin’ the heat, new Entropik EP out March 9

Ekoplekz can't stop bringin' the heat, new Entropik EP out March 9

Nick Edwards is a busy dude. Operating as Ekoplekz, 2014 saw him drop a couple of bona-fide albums in Unfidelity (review right here) and Four Track Mind, a further few EPs, AND a cassette in collaboration with Baron Mordant in eMMplekz. Add those to the excess of other material since the turn of the decade — both volumes of Intrusive Incidentalz, the highly-underrated Tapeswap with Bass Clef, as well as the sublime Plekzationz under his own name — and you’ve got one of the more insurmountable, albeit very much worth exploring, back catalogs of recent memory.

Well, now you can add another release to that ever-growing pile in the form of the new Entropik EP, out on March 9 via Planet Mu. Y’all know the Ekoplekz MO by now: analogue synth worship, punctuated by stabs of percussion and all sorts of electronic fuckery, and in this respect it ain’t changed much for Entropik. Two long-form pieces would usually indicate a degree of sprawl and indulgence, but Edwards’ craft is as typically minimal and composed as it ever has been. There’s the propulsive A-side, which is a slab of grotty techno discharge; over on side B, it’s a more menacing, structurally taut affair, complete with a Spacemen 3-referencing track title (thank YOU press release). So, all-in-all it’s looking like another pretty damn good Ekoplekz venture, and given Edwards is no doubt already hard at work on his next, like, seven records as I type, it’ll also probably mark the start of a very productive 2015 for him.

I didn’t listen much in chemistry class, but with a little help from Google, I recalled that entropy is a measure of disorder in thermodynamics. Funny, really, because this EP is promising to be hot stuff indeed, comprised of two proper slow-burners, one to really set your world alight and the various other heat-related puns that follow. Yeah, I suck. I’ll just self-induce a coma until March 9, ‘cos I don’t wanna miss out on Entropik for anythang!

Entropik EP tracklisting:

01. Entropy Flash
02. Entropy Symphony

• Ekoplekz: https://www.facebook.com/ekofidelity
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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