Finn teams with Local Action for new label 2 B REAL, celebrates with new 12”

Finn teams with Local Action for new label 2 B REAL, celebrates with new 12”
Arg! THIS DUDE is always getting let into the club ahead of me!

Local Action!
By their powers combined, they are… 2 B REAL!

That’s right: U.K. DJ and producer Finn has teamed with London label Local Action and distributor Rubadub to bring the world the so-hot-they’re-fire-emoji dance tracks it has so-desperately needed, via a new label called 2 B REAL.

2 B REAL is being called a home for “all fast, punchy music for DJs and ravers, no bullshit.” In other words, “strictly belters.” Finn is, of course, no stranger to such jams, having partnered before with Local Action on a handful of releases including the banger-filled Keep Calling and the slapper-of-an-EP Knock Knock…so, yeah: “belters” should fit right in.

If you want music that’s more modern and timely than the Captain Planet reference I kicked this shit off with, you’re in luck: 2 B REAL’s first release, “Lightwork,” is available to stream now with a full 12” due out May 5. It’s a Finn production featuring vocals from Fox of Swing Ting. Listen to the track below and/or pre-order the full release over at the man’s Bandcamp page.

Late At Night/Lightwork tracklisting:

01. Late at Night (Keypad Mix)
02. Lightwork (feat. Fox)
03. Late at Night (Do Not Disturb Mix)
04. Lightwork (Instrumental)

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