Fire-Toolz to release Interbeing remix collection on Suite 309, shares Nmesh’s absolute cut-throat remix

Fire-Toolz to release Interbeing remix collection on Suite 309, shares Nmesh's absolute cut-throat remix

If Sunday night’s Grammys taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of soulless musicians making dry, uninspiring music. “Popular music” is beyond disheartening, but you can’t let it get you down. I’m generally no optimist, but every year, whenever I see some preening dipshit walk across an auditorium stage to collect an award for something someone else created in a swank studio, I turn away excitedly and think instead of all the artists I love, joyously creating sounds that stir up all sorts of emotions, even if they’re the uncomfortable ones.

Case in point: for years now, what should be an awkward and incongruous breeding ground between black metal and glitch-pop has been made much more fertile, thanks to Angel Marcloid (who recently guested on our Laser Focus podcast). She’s released music under numerous names over the years, but the Chicago-based disruptor has dedicated her efforts to her inscrutable and utterly unique Fire-Toolz project since 2015. Although her latest trashscape, Interbeing, was released just a few months ago on Bedlam Tapes, it has now been given a remix treatment and will be out February 9 on Suite 309.

Today, we are proud to premiere Nmesh’s absolute cut-throat “Malware Dub” version of “Dreamt Hex Code” from Interbeing Remix Vol. 1. Like the original, it has that unsettling, ketamine-like glitch trip feel and is a great example of a gifted trendsetter remixing another. Listen to it below. Interbeing Remix Vol. 1 also features Toolz’s spine-jarring lovelies reworked by creative minxes like Tiger Village, Carl Kruger, Sophiaaaahjkl;8901, HCMJ, and others.

And yes, the eagle-eyed among you surely have spotted Vol. 1 appended to the album title. That means there may be another collection of Interbeing remixes coming someday. Or there may be six. In any case, award yourself for finishing this news story by pre-ordering Vol. 1 here and listen to Nmesh’s remix down below:

Interbeing Remix Vol. 1: [TRACKLIST_BONKERS]:

01. Window 2 Window (Bath Consolidated Redux Remix Codename Battery Black Acid Tranny Trash Edit 1999)
02. Dreamt Hex Code (Nmesh’s Malware Dub)
03. The Step-in Fantasyland Place [demo version] (Timmy Sells His Soul remix)
04. [CODENAME_BONKERS] [demo version] (Carl Kruger edit)
05. The Path Straight Thru (Bob Genghis Khan remix)
06. [CODENAME_BONKERS] (Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 remix)
07. Dreamt Hex Code (MaxCorp Industries remix)
08. Dreamt Hex Code (More Eaze remix)
09. སྟོང་པོ་ཉིད་ (HCMJ remix)
10. Window 2 Window 2 Window (Tiger Village remix)
11. Reality Mask [========= ] 93.7247/bps 90% -∞S (STCLVR RLTYMSK edit)
12. The Path Straight Thru (Sug’s Muscular Alien Needs Money 2 RemixXx)

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