Fis releases Iterations EP on Tri Angle, shares his fetal aspirations with new track

Fis releases Iterations EP on Tri Angle, shares his fetal aspirations with new track

Ha, Fis totally had you fooled! Considering his status as an emerging artist, I bet you thought Preparations was foreshadowing the imminent release of a new full-length, right? You may still be on to something if you broaden your time-frame a bit, but as far as the truly “imminent” goes, look no further than my exclusive fan dance celebrating the diminishing days of post-winter dreary. Do I have clothes on behind the shielding giant feathers? Attendance is your only enlightenment!

Also imminent: the release of Iterations, Fis’ second EP for Tri Angle, and a likely second display of the beauty of a label homecoming that was seemingly the product of fate. It was in his native New Zealand that Oliver Peryman scoured the web and local newspapers for his rumored “fairy godlabel,” which hovered in an incorporeal presence over his initial creations of ominous urbanism. The hovering persisted until said fairy godlabel was all, “I really shouldn’t be watching this dude sleep,” and then decided that a label fit for The Haxan Cloak certainly has room for his apparent (but more rhythmic) musical sibling. Credit to E. Nagurney for bringing up the familial aspect. A misanthropic Thanksgiving feast is for sure the expectation, despite the supposed spirit of the holiday.

Listen to a track off Iterations below; the EP is out now.

Iterations tracklist:

01. Iterations
02. Womb Dream
03. Fever Sweats
04. Her Third Eye (Drum Rain)

• Fis:
• Tri Angle:

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