Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator headline Odd Future Carnival, achieve dream of becoming full-time carnies

Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator headline Odd Future Carnival, achieve dream of becoming full-time carnies

In a recent national poll, it was revealed that the top complaint amongst concert-goers was the lack of carnival rides. And who can blame them? Almost every single concert I have ever attended had a gross lack of Merry-Go-Rounds, Tilt-a-Whirls, tiny crappy rollercoasters, and that giant monstrosity where you basically let a carnie put you inside a person and fling you into the sky. Also: no candy apples. Thankfully, Tyler, the Creator had a dream and that dream was to create an OFWGKTA carnival. He did so last year and he’s doing so again this year on November 9 at Los Angeles’ The Park @ LA Coliseum.

Headlining this year’s iteration of the OFWGKTA Carnival is the aforementioned Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean, the R&B singer everyone can agree on. The rest of the lineup includes: QUESTION MARK. Nobody else has yet been announced, though one can probably assume it’ll be drawing from the Odd Future pool of talent and their associates. An Earl Sweatshirt perhaps? A Trash Talk? A, um, Taco? This year, the carnival will include two stages, dubbed “Camp” and “High,” in addition to rides, games, prizes, and food trucks. Considering the frenzy Odd Future can whip kids into at a normal show, I fear the fury those kids will unleash when they’re frustrated by trying to knock over milk cans.

Tickets are available in many forms at These range from $65 general admission to a $199 package that includes stuff like a t-shirt, a lanyard, and a backpack, just in time for the backpack-wearing chunk of the year. More importantly, all tickets include unlimited rides. Forget all this music, just spend an entire day riding a Merry-Go-Round where every seat is a cat with upside down crosses over its eyes.

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