Guts Club celebrate my Trench Foot and yours with new full-length out this July

Guts Club celebrate my Trench Foot and yours with new full-length out this July
Lindsey Baker refuses to look down and acknowledge her sopping wet shoes.

So, all the times I’ve had actual trench foot, it’s been deep in the heart of winter. Only in like January and February do I find myself submerging my feet in cold, trenchy water frequently enough to be afflicted, ya know? Which makes it kinda weird for me that we’re talking about this in late April — but anyway, last I checked this wasn’t the Taylor Peters Foot Blog; it was the Tiny Mix Tapes news section, so: speaking of trench foot! Did you know that Guts Club have a new album called Trench Foot coming out July 6? It’s a super true fact!

Guts Club you might know as the cracked and slithering quasi-country act of New Orleans’ Lindsey Baker. If you haven’t spent the last couple years parsing the infrequent toe-related posts on my foot website, you might even know that Trench Foot will be Baker’s third release as Guts Club, following 2016’s Shit Bug and 2015’s The Arm Wrestling Tournament. However and whatever you know, I hope that you’ll trust me when I say there is little else out there quite like the razor-direct intensity of Baker’s lyricism in Guts Club.

Trench Foot is planned to be the first full “electric” album for Guts Club (It seems that the pull of buzzing DC current plugged straight into an acoustic guitar is just too powerful to be avoided). Honestly, I’m into it. And you might be too if you click on the big orange Soundcloud circle below, where I embedded the first single from the album “Mustard Tears.” If you are, you’ll have to let me know in the comment section of the Taylor Peters Foot Blog, as there is currently no comment section on TMT.

Trench Foot tracklist:

01. Trench Foot
02. Pansy from the Hills
03. Skin Dryer
04. Bad Aim
05. Metal Arms
06. Mustard Tears
07. Bowling
08. Jackpot
09. Pit Fight
10. Little Huts

Upcoming live dates:

05.01.18 - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa
05.11.18 - New Orleans, LA - BJ’s

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