Guts Club announces fall tour dates, has very little skateboarding experience or interest

Guts Club announces fall tour dates, has very little skateboarding experience or interest

With socially awkward albums like the confrontational Armwrestling Tournament and this year’s gastrointestinally-frustrated Shit Bug, you could probably be forgiven for thinking that artist and wandering outsider-folk-loner Lindsey Baker of “Guts Club” doesn’t really… care for hanging around with “other people” too often.

Happily (especially for everyone in your life who just loves it when you’re wrong about things), you’d be wrong. Type B insularity be damned, Baker is indeed trekking out next month in the company of a full band for a little tour of the southern USA. Dubbed “Save The Animals” in honor of its stops at multiple vegetarian establishments, this tour’s transit-time is also being wisely utilized as a prime opportunity to live the AMERICAN DREAM; namely, that of filming “a VHS ‘retired’ skate video.”

According to the press release, the video will feature Baker’s drummer, a former skater who still harbors a burning passion to possibly maim or kill himself: “Guts Club has very little skateboarding experience or interest, but her drummer is very passionate about returning to his youth; and being that she can’t pay him much, she has agreed to film him doing cool ollies in Motel 6 parking lots.” Hey wait… drummers don’t, like, “need” their arms and legs to play drum kits, do they?

Guts Club “Save The Animals” tour 2k16:

10.19.16 - Pensacola, FL - Sluggo’s
10.20.16 - Tallahassee, FL - The Vineyard
10.21.16 - Athens, GA - Joker Joker Gallery
10.22.16 - Nashville, TN - MD Loft
10.23.16 - Little Rock, AR - Vino’s,
10.24.16 - Tyler, TX - The Manatee
10.25.16 - San Antonio, TX - La Botanica
10.26.16 - Austin, TX - Beerland

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