Guts Club tour the entire state of Texas, share Magnetic Fields cover

Guts Club tour the entire state of Texas, share Magnetic Fields cover
Photo: Steven Rodrigues

As you may recall, last year, Lindsey Baker’s swamp water-boiled crawdad-rock project Guts Club triumphantly released its third record Trench Foot AND took its raucous medicine show on the road in an effort to help spread the soggy-footed infection far and wide.

Only problem was: Baker and her bandmates didn’t quiiiite manage to spread it as far and wide as they would have liked at the time. (Possibly because it was just TOO DAMN HOT down in Texas in the middle of July?)

But don’t worry; they’re about to rectify that problem and THEN SOME. Because this week, Guts Club kicks off a multi-week run of the ENTIRE Lone Star State. (Talk about “Guts,” right?). Following a warm-up show in LA on January 8 (f.k.a. tomorrow), Baker will hammer basically every damn city in the state into willing submission with her righteous guitar-machine.

In addition to the tour (and work-shopping a load of new material for the band’s upcoming TBA fourth album), Baker recently found the time to record a cover of the beloved Magnetic Fields track “Papa Was A Rodeo” for You Can Sing Me Anything: A Tribute to 69 Love Songs, a compilation put out by Living Statue Records this past December benefiting “No More Dysphoria,” a nonprofit organization that helps trans and gender-non-conforming folks by funding major aspects of their transitions. Give it a listen — and check out the full list of swiftly approaching dates — down below. Oh, the Texas-ness!

01.08.19 - Lafayette, LA - Platform at Dat Dog
01.09.19 - Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
01.10.19 - Austin, TX - Cheer Up Charlies
01.11.19 - Dallas, TX - Doublewide
01.12.19 - Denton, TX - BackYard on Bell
01.13.19 - Amarillo, TX - 306 Coffee & Lounge
01.15.19 - Marfa, TX - Lost Horse Saloon
01.16.19 - Laredo, TX - Cultura Beer Garden
01.17.19 - San Antonio, TX - Lowcountry
01.18.19 - Lake Charles, LA - Regal Beagle
01.20.19 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia

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