Guts Club announces new album Shit Bug, premieres title track, make it easy to write great headlines

Guts Club announces new album Shit Bug, premieres title track, make it easy to write great headlines

Say, you fine folks out there remember February of 2015, when we first tipped you off about the hauntingly emotional and spooky-cool swamp-folk stylings of Guts Club — a.k.a. musician and visual-artist Lindsey Baker — and her self-released debut, The Arm Wrestling Tournament, right?

Well, I hope so. Because you’re gonna need all that awesome context to, like, properly appreciate how killer it is that Baker has since moved the heck outta Brooklyn and plopped herself down into the sweltering gnar of N’awleans’s fetid swampscape to record and release her follow-up to said debut!

The new one, which is gorgeously titled Shit Bug, is themed around “an ongoing narrative about growing up weird, coming to terms with it, but always being trailed by it,” and it “drops” (ewww, get it!?) on July 1 via Moderate Fidelity Records. And while you’re still in for a sweaty, stinky, bubbling, fermented chunk of postmodern guitar blues, this time Baker is packing a little more junk into the trunk of the moldy hearse she’s piloting, with the addition of “upright bass, percussion, piano, lap steel, and trumpet” to the mix, marking the first time she’s employed other musicians to help craft her unique vision of, um, bug-infested feces.

But don’t worry: knowing how excited you are to hear this bilgy awesomeness for yourself, Baker is also premiering Shit Bug’s title track right HERE, right NOW, TO-DAY, and you can scope it out for yourself down below while you wait for tracklisting and ordering info to materialize. The song was, fittingly enough, the “first song Baker wrote upon moving to an insect filled swamp after living in the northeast all her life,” and it finds the singer tugging and scraping away at “a feeling of remoteness where she imagines laboring over a cart full of mud while constructing an island to escape to with an equally weird loved one, someone extra special that would appreciate living on a wet mound of mud as much as [she] would.” Mmm, mmm! Who else is getting hungry?

Upcoming Guts Club dates:

03.17.16 - Austin, TX - The Tap Room (Team Clermont SXSW Showcase)
03.17.16 - Austin, TX - ColdTowne Theater (Keeled Scales & Catamount AV SXSW Day Party)
04.06.16 - New Orleans, LA - The Neutral Ground
04.08.16 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia (New Orleans, LA
04.19.16 - New Orleans, LA - Circle Bar

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