Huerco S., Legowelt, Leyland Kirby, and more contribute to LGBT Rights For Russia Now! compilation

Huerco S., Legowelt, Leyland Kirby, and more contribute to LGBT Rights For Russia Now! compilation

A rational look at the needless question of LGBT rights can easily leave a person dumbfounded as to why this remains an issue in the 21st century, but unfortunately for the world, there remains a permanent if wavering chunk of the population that just loves their bigotry and/or dogmatic belief in tradition too much to allow for alternative lifestyles/opinions voiced in the public realm. The developed world has, no doubt, made some notable strides since the turn of the century in this respect, but when a majority of countries in Africa explicitly outlaw homosexuality under penalties ranging from prison time to death, it’s clear that the path ahead toward widespread, global acceptance is still a long one.

Russia’s laws concerning same-sex sexual relations aren’t quite to the extreme of the death penalty, but a recent statute signed by President Putin banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” certainly doesn’t suggest movement in the right direction, policy-wise. Amid the vocal opposition from the LGBT community at large, a group called LGBT Rights For Russia Now! has organized a 24-track music compilation in order to raise money and awareness for the issue, and also, possibly, to compel the shaking of one’s derriere. The mostly danceable release features such artists as Huerco S., James Leyland Kirby, Hieroglyphic Being, Legowelt, and Scanner. Go here to purchase, and peruse the tracklisting below.

LGBT Rights For Russia Now! compilation tracklisting:

01. Legowelt - Rivers III
02. Hieroglyphic Being - A Joyful Noise
03. Kid Machine - Flight Manoeuvres
04. Baz Reznik - One Nation
05. Drvg Cvltvre - The United States Of Fuck You
06. Truss - Roath
07. Scanner - Citta
08. Just So Nah - Six O’ House
09. De Tuinen - Gay Pride
10. Cottam - Slo March
11. Chris Moss Acid - Acid Box 2
12. KiNK & Neville Watson - Heavy Sweat
13. Rude 66 - Sliding Backwards Into Darkness
14. James Leyland Kirby - The Archaic And Modernism In Russian Culture
15. Kitbuilders - I Try (V-Mix)
16. Erikoismies - Tomtar I En Slang
17. Archie Koba - Capital Trauma
18. Antoni Maiovvi - Ain Love Immortal
19. Mintdeluxe - MDI
20. Run Dust - Justify Your Fine
21. Huerco S. - Azhjjtee
22. Borealis - Jawberry
23. Perc - The Slow Path
24. Meibion - Calon

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