Institute to release Salt on October 14 via youth talent agency Sacred Bones Records

Institute to release Salt on October 14 via youth talent agency Sacred Bones Records

As a punk fan in 2014, I don’t ask for much. I just need my bands to be young, good looking, and to write great rock & roll songs. With that being said, thank god for Sacred Bones Records — for the past few years these guys have been delivering us the perfect amalgamation of the Mickey Mouse Club and Rat Bastard. Last year, they brought us pop-industrial from the barely legal Danes in Vår; this year they’re serving us a slab of post-punk from the spritely young Texas quartet Institute.

The Salt EP is out October 14 and features five tracks culled from the same sessions as the band’s phenomenal Giddy Boys 7-inch, which was released earlier this year on Katorga Works (a label for people that wish Sacred Bones had more hairy guys from Rochester on their lineup). You could Google the band and read 80 articles saying “they sound like Crisis and feature members of Wiccans,” but let me save you the trouble, as unlike the young’uns in Institute, you might not have many years left — stream the EP’s titular track here (more on that soon in the Chocolate Grinder) and watch a live performance of the band (featuring a batshit stage presence from front man Moses Brown) below.

Salt EP tracklisting:

01. Salt
02. Nausea
03. Familiar Stranger
04. Immorality
05. An Absence

[Photo: Renate Winter]

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