Daniel Martin-McCormick finally done fucking around: Planet Mu announces Ital’s Endgame, out August 25

Daniel Martin-McCormick finally done fucking around: Planet Mu announces Ital's Endgame, out August 25

Ital is done with this bullshit. Daniel Martin-McCormick has spent his entire career unable to commit to his goals, never living up to his own ambition, and really just testing his wide listenership’s everlasting patience. From D.C. hardcore act Black Eyes to dance-punk destroyers Mi Ami, we have all been left in the dust wondering, “where is this all really going?

Thankfully, DMM has announced Endgame, an album that, judging by the title, will finally respond to our desperate need for goal-oriented-forward-thinking dance music. Endgame follows up 2012’s double whammy of Hive Mind and Dream On, both of which were released on Planet Mu, as well as numerous 12-inches and a collaboration with Hieroglyphic Being.

Martin-McCormick’s ultimatum of an album was mixed with the illustrious M. Geddes Gengras at the former’s L.A. studio and mastered by the well-respected Rashad Becker. After passing through these numerous committees, Endgame will finally see the light of day August 25 on double LP/CD and digital releases. Prepare for a truly culminating experience.

Endgame tracklist:

01. Relaxer
02. Endgame
03. Whispers in the Dark
04. Coagulate
05. Dancing
06. Concussion
07. Beacon
08. White II
09. Black Dust
10. Oche

• Ital: https://www.facebook.com/realoriginalital
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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