Jeremy Bible releases sensual four-hour album called Music For Black Holes

Jeremy Bible releases sensual four-hour album called Music For Black Holes

Experimedia is still slowly winding down, but owner Jeremy Bible has certainly been busy populating its digital shelves with all of the avant-garde goodies that you could possibly want for the concurrent holiday season. Turns out one of those goodies comes from Bible himself, as he recently released a whopping four-hour-long album titled Music For Black Holes, which he describes as an enveloping “sound bath of pure tone minimalist ambient symphonics for withdrawal, isolation, contemplation, meditation, transcendence, intimacy & sensuality.” Play it twice in succession and you might even have an able cohabitant with Max Richter’s Sleep, which was obviously bit more narrowed in its prescribed activities. Black holes allow for all kinds of fun things.

Music For Black Holes was initially released via limited-edition flash drive a few weeks ago, and now the purely digital version of the album has just been announced for release this Friday (December 2), so feel free to glide over to Bible’s Bandcamp page in spacial anticipation. The samples seem in accordance with the description; I feel like mediplating (contemplating + meditating).

Here’s a revealing track:

Music For Black Holes tracklisting:

01. APM 08279+5255
02. Arp 220
03. Centaurus A
04. Fornax A
05. HE0450-2958
06. IC 1459
07. MCG-6-30-15
08. Messier 31
09. Markarian 421
10. NGC 1277
11. Coma B
12. OJ 287
13. PKS 0521-365
14. Q0906+6930
15. RX J1131-1231

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