Loke Rahbek and Puce Mary announce collaborative album for Posh Isolation

Loke Rahbek and Puce Mary announce collaborative album for Posh Isolation

I got laughed out of a business meeting this morning for saying “teamwork makes the dream work.” “What are you, a poster that a kindergarten teacher hangs up on a classroom wall?” they joked, hurtfully. But I’m no poster, you jaded business cynics. I’m a man. A man who believes in the power of teamwork in such arenas as sports, business, and, yes, even music. Take for example the upcoming collaborative album from Puce Mary (a.k.a. Frederikke Hoffmeier) and Loke Rahbek (one half of Posh Isolation, operating regularly under aliases such as Croation Amor and Damien Dubrovnik) entitled The Female Form. It follows the duo’s previous collaboration on 2011’s The Closed Room, and it’s the second part of their planned trilogy. It’s out April 17.

Jumbling together industrial, drone, and electro-acoustic sounds, The Female Form reportedly deals with themes of “intimacy” and the “(im)possible relation of the sexes.” Friend, if that is not the thematic material of a dream working because of teamwork, I don’t know what is. You can hear samples of “A Body Reimagined” and “Liquefying of the Flesh” below.

The Female Form tracklist:

01. Swim
02. A Body Reimagined
03. Swim ll
04. Liquefying of the Flesh
05. The Female Form
06. With Complete Will
07. Closure

• Puce Mary: http://pucemary.blogspot.com
• Posh Isolation: http://www.poshisolation.net

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