Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt release collaboration on Free Music Archive, proving once again there is no “I” in “Awesome”

Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt release collaboration on Free Music Archive, proving once again there is no "I" in "Awesome"

Teamwork is more than your junior high football coach yelling at you right before you quit the team because you’re tired of getting yelled at all the time. Teamwork is discipline. It’s commitment. It’s synergy. Experimental blues guitarist Loren Connors knows a thing or two about teamwork (and no small amount about synergy), what with his ongoing goal to collaborate with every living human on the planet Earth; he’s released more than 50 albums during his 30+ year career and no small amount of those have been collaborations (most recently with life partner Suzanne Langille). And, based on his time in Harry Pussy, I’d bet you money Bill Orcutt is no teamwork slouch either, though he has been going stag lately, like on his acoustic anarchy tour de force (and one of TMT’s favorite releases of 2011) How The Thing Sings.

Despite the fact that there is at least one “I” in “Loren Connors and Bill Orcutt,” the two flexed their teamwork muscles last August to record Natch 8, part of a collaborative series put out by the now unfortunately closed Black Dirt Studio. Since then, however, the collaboration has been little more than fodder for locker room pep talks about the value of working together to achieve common goals (i.e., it has not been available). But, because anything can happen if you believe in the power of working together, all that’s changed: Natch 8 can now be downloaded free of charge from the Free Music Archive. In fact, all of the releases in the Natch series can be downloaded from the Free Music Archive, including collaborations between Michael Chapman and The Woodpiles, and Aaron Moore and Carter Thronton. Watch a promotional video and check out the most unnecessary tracklist this side of Wolfgang Voigt below:

Natch 8 tracklist:

01. Untitled 1
02. Untitled 2
03. Untitled 3
04. Untitled 4

• Loren Connors: http://www.fvrec.com/lorenconnors
• Bill Orcutt: http://palilalia.com
• Black Dirt Studio: http://www.blackdirtstudio.com
• Free Music Archive: http://freemusicarchive.org/

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