Mastodon plan Live at Brixton, out December 10, which is pretty neat for those of us afraid of the outside

Mastodon plan Live at Brixton, out December 10, which is pretty neat for those of us afraid of the outside

There’s this two-inch spot on my right forearm that’s super sensitive to being touched by other humans and it’s kept me from going to rock shows my whole life. Like, I’ve seen some soft stuff where you just kinda mill around and nod your head, but anything more aggressive keeps me at home, bundled up in a blanket, dreaming of a doctor willing to do under-the-table amputations. As you can imagine, I’ve often invited friends over to jostle the left side of my body in an effort to simulate the rough grasp of the mosh pit, and as you can further imagine, I’m pretty into live albums.

Keeping all that unnecessary personal information in mind, there’s probably not going to be a whole lot of space left in this post for me to quote the press release about how Mastodon are “really super duper good” and “you should listen to them, bucko” here, but I’ll summarize the basics. Live at Brixton was recorded on February 11 in 2012 at London’s O2 Academy. It was a sold-out show and it was a big ol’ highpoint for Mastodon’s tour supporting 2011’s The Hunter (TMT Review). In addition to the audio-only version of the concert’s 96-minute girth, a live video version directed by Ryan Mackfall will be available. It looks like the show is a digital-only release, and will be available from all the digital retailers you know (e.g. iTunes and Amazon), and probably many you don’t know (e.g. those ones that are in Russian that try to trick you into accidentally clicking ads for weird sex toys).

Anyway, back to me. Can you guess my plans for December 10? What if I told you that’s the the release date for this Mastodon live album? What if I also told you that I pretty regularly write the word “mastodon” in all caps on receipts instead of my signature, and that the one time I tried to take the subway in New York City left me screaming for weeks? You have guessed correctly! My friends are coming over, I’m going to numb my senses with alcohol, and we’re going to have the grandest time jostling approximately 50% of my body!

Live at Brixton tracklisting:

01. Dry Bone Valley
02. Black Tongue
03. Crystal Skull
04. I Am Ahab
05. Capillarian Crest
06.Colony of Birchmen
07. Megalodon
08. Thickening
09. Blasteroid
10. Sleeping Giant
11. Ghost of Karelia
12. All The Heavy Lifting
13. Spectrelight
14. Curl of the Burl
15. Bedazzled Fingernails
16. Circle of Cysquatch
17. Aqua Dementia
18. Crack The Skye
19. Where Strides The Behemoth
20. Iron Tusk
21. March of the Fireants
22. Blood and Thunder
23. Creature Lives

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