múm unveil new album Smilewound, may or may not be plotting to cut you

múm unveil new album Smilewound, may or may not be plotting to cut you

Well this is unexpected. Sure, it’s been a year for “comebacks” but never would I have guessed that múm would be among their numbers. The title for this new album, Smilewound, may indicate that they are headed in a new direction, though. Some may be familiar with the Glasgow Smile as romanticized in such films as Ichi the Killer and The Dark Knight. It is possible, though not supported or substantiated in any way by the PR surrounding the album, that Smilewound is a concept album about getting your cheeks cut open.

Why else would Mr. Brian “Sweetdome” invite them to last year’s Punkt Festival in Norway? múm have reinvented themselves as street-tough ruffians who will cut you all over your face, obviously! Ignore the fact that the Punkt Festival has nothing to do with Punk and has far loftier ideas and goals. Listen to your heart. Does it tell you that when September 17 rolls around, Smilewound is going to be the aural equivalent of being knifed in an alley? Because that is unbelievably inaccurate, and goes wholly against anything múm have ever done.

Smilewound tracklisting:

01. Toothwheels
02. Underwater Snow
03. When Girls Collide
04. Slow Down
05. Candlestick
06. One Smile
07. Eternity is the Wait Between Breaths
08. The Colorful Stabwound
09. Sweet Impressions
10. Time to Scream and Shout
11. Whistle (with Kylie) – bonus track

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• Morr Music: http://www.morrmusic.com

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